Montagne du Vercors, au coeur des Alpes françaises, depuis le plateau du Trièves.
Image d’une montagne et ciel bleu au moment du coucher du soleil



Our senses and emotions offer the most direct and intimate way for us to reconnect with our living environment. The smell of freshly cut straw in a field framed by mountains can be enough to trigger a lost memory and recall the close links that connect us to our ecosystems. At Hautes Glaces, we explore these delicate paths throughout the seasons in the creation of our whisky, thanks to a unique resource: the world’s very first organic farm-distillery.

La rivière coule au milieu de ces forêts de montagne. Le symbole d'une nature fertile et d'un territoire en mouvement.

Based on four elements – grain, water, yeast and energy – we want our spirits (literally ‘spirit carriers’) to transport us to the centre of a vast landscape and to the very heart of the environmental and social challenges we must face. Thanks to our end-to-end control of the supply chain, we can put our commitments into action at every stage of production: self-produced seeds and yeasts; local cereals from organic, regenerative and collective farming; water recycling; renewable, local and circular energy; eco-designed bottles made from wild glass, and more.

Dégustation et disucssion autour des whisky et eau de vie présents dans notre chai de vieillissement. Cuvées d'assemblage ou éditions limitées ?

Here, the ecological approach and the pursuit of flavour are one and the same: we want to make the finest whisky with the fewest resources possible. This requirement has led us to reinterpret expertise at every stage of production and adopt often rare and groundbreaking practices. However, whatever our efforts, this delicate quest also involves the consumption of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions and social responsibility. In this respect, factual information about our activities must be accessible to all, to provide both inspiration from our successes and information about the obstacles we face and our limitations.

Frédéric Revol, fondateur des Hautes Glaces, arpente un champs enneigé où poussent les céréales permettant l'élaboration de nos whisky et eau de vie d'exceptions.

At the origin of Domaine des Hautes Glaces, there is the intention of a man who wishes to reconcile nature and culture, an agricultural engineer specializing in the management of living organisms, who sets out to create whisky of excellence that promotes soil fertility and minimizes our carbon footprint.

An epicurean, a lover of tastes and flavors, who is betting that by reconnecting with their ecosystem, their terroir, these spirits will develop their own, unique character, and will offer new tastes and pleasures.

The Domaine des Hautes Glaces is thus the result of an intimate belief: in a world with limited resources, the art of distillation must reinvent itself from the field to the bottle, for the happiness and future of all. The Domaine des Hautes Glaces will be the location of this reinvention.