Hautes Glaces

Organic farm & distillery

Welcome to the heart of the French Alps, between the cliffs of the Vercors and the peaks of the Ecrins. Welcome to the Trièves, and the path that Frédéric REVOL has been walking since 2009. A path that is shaped by time, rooted in the land and on which you will find the oldest organic whisky distillery in the world.

Welcome to Hautes Glaces.

The genius of place

Here, we harness the power of the local area, the genius of place,
to offer you a range of spirits that reveal the quintessence of a fertile
nature and a living territory, the Trièves.

It's here, in this "high country" encircled by mountains in an
unspoilt Alpine refuge, that we built Hautes Glaces. A farm turned into a
malting house and distillery, barns transformed into cellars: an estate as a
place of gathering, creation and sharing, where we look forward to welcoming you all year round...

The flavours of the Hautes Glaces


"Bien Vivants" Community

Hautes Glaces produces spirits from grain that is grown and distilled in the same area. This unity of place and values forges a close-knit human community: the farmers and the distillery team share the same roots and thrive together. But the connections that bind us reach beyond the Trièves mountains and welcome all those who relate to our products and share our values. Those who support and inspire us through their passion for beauty, their taste for exceptional flavours and their attachment to the living environment. You too can join the Biens Vivants community, keep up to date, be involved and enjoy access to exclusive benefits!

A fine spirit is as good to drink as
it is to think about

Frédéric Revol, Founder and CEO of the Hautes Glaces