Champ d'orge moissonné avec décor Alpin : la chaine de l'Obiou.
Image du système de distillation avec les tuyaux



Located in the outer reaches of the Isère, Drôme and Hautes-Alpes departments, Trièves is a unique area. Hidden from view, far from major cities, it has historically lent itself to pioneering ventures, forging a cultural melting pot. This “High Country”, so dear to French writer Jean Giono, and surrounded by mountainous outcrops, spurs the local community to help each other and to be energy conscious, creative and humble in the face of the ever-present forces of nature that surround us. Our commitment to producing spirits from grain to bottle in the Trièves region makes the very existence of Hautes Glaces inseparable from this unspoilt and inspiring land.
Carte de notre plateau de montagne au coeur des Alpes : le Trièves.

If spirits are literally the “carriers of a spirit”, then that is also the higher purpose of our organic farm-distillery.

In this place where raw materials are transformed, our commitments and convictions take shape at every stage in the production of our spirits.

But Hautes Glaces's vision is also to transform souls, and the Domaine is a place where people can feel welcome, interact and express themselves.

Private tours, tasting sessions in the cellar, foodie workshops, artist residencies, exhibitions, screenings, conferences, meetings and concerts all convey an aesthetic and ecological message that puts our business right at the heart of the challenges currently facing humanity and the living world.