Parcours Paysans ('Farmer's Journey')

The faces of a living territory and fertile nature.

“Peasant Journey” is a series of documentary portraits retracing the agricultural and peasant life of members of the mountain agroecological sector, Graines des Cimes.

The Graines des Cimes association aims to create value and autonomy for Trièves farms through the production of organic cereals. It initiates joint management of peasant seeds from member farms, weaves technical and human links between farms, fraternity and solidarity between producers, collectors, and processors.

Thanks to Graines des Cimes, the Domaine des Hautes Glaces now has around fifty plots with different soils and exposures to further explore the influence of the terroir on the expression of its whiskeys and eaux-de-vie.

Through these portraits, we wanted to pay tribute to all these men and women with whom we work daily, driven by common values ​​and a strong attachment to the land, to our territory, Trièves...

Amandine and Philippe Vial

Episode (1) - From Father to Daughter.

In Longefonds, a small hamlet of Clelles, Philippe and his daughter Amandine raise Angus cows organically as well as free-range chickens. The cows are fed on fodder produced on the farm in winter and on grass in summer. The chickens are raised outdoors and fed grain. Livestock and farming management has always been driven by respect for the land and animal welfare. The GAEC l'Angus et la Plume is at the origin of the foundation of Graines des Cimes since its creation in 2020.
Longefond, 38 930 Clelles

Thierry and Eric Ailloud Perraud

Episode (2) – A century-old farm.

La Ferme Gabert is a family GAEC, in the heart of Trièves, in the Parc du Vercors. This farm has been operated by the same family for a century. She went through the evolution of agriculture and converted to organic and regenerative agriculture in 2000. She now raises free-range chickens for their eggs, Grises du Vercors, a local breed fed here with farm products. . She also practices mixed food crops (cereals, peas, potatoes). Ferme Gabert is at the origin of the founding of Graines des Cimes in 2020.

La Ferme Gabert 38 930 Clelles

Sylvain Betto.

Episode (3) – The Old Oak Mill.

Sylvain Betto is an organic miller farmer. Produced on his farm, his cereal flours (wheat, rye, einkorn) are cold ground by him on a stone mill. Its mill is located in the village of Lavars which offers a wide panorama of the Vercors and the Monteynard-Avignonet lake. The Moulin du Vieux Chêne is at the origin of the founding of Graines des Cimes in 2020.

The Village 38,710 Lavars.

Elodie Pallanchard

Episode (4) – A farm with character.

Labeled organic, the farm in the hamlet of Petit Oriol is located in the heart of Trièves, in Cornillon-en-Trièves, a few steps from the Domaine des Hautes Glaces. Installed in 2013 in GAEC, with her father and then her partner, Elodie Pallanchard raises Montbeliardes and Abondances cows, and produces cheeses and dairy products. The GAEC du Petit Oriol is at the origin of the foundation of Graines des Cimes in 2020.

Le Petit Oriol 38 710 Cornillon-en-Trièves