The Hautes Glaces explained by Frédéric Revol

Image d’un champ de blé coupé et mis en rouleaux, avec des montagnes au fond


We can talk about terroir in whisky, but we have to have the means to do it ...

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Image de la distillerie du Domaine de Hautes Glaces avec les arbres et vue sur montagnes

A farm, a malting plant and a distillery

Productivity is not a cardinal value in the world we defend ...

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 Image du fil de grains qui tombe dans un tonneau

Whisky and vintage

As with wine, there are great years, more complicated years, more flowery years ...

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Image de épis de grain

The taste of grains

We adapt each stage in the production of our whisky according to the variety of cereal to better highlight and beautify the character of each of our grains...

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Image de champ de blé avec les épis verts encore

And organic in all this

I'm one of those people who believe that we should take care of living things...

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Image de plusieurs bouteilles du whisky du Domaine de Hautes Glaces

My favourite whisky

His name is Jean-Michel and he sleeps in an amphora ...

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Image du champ avec la forêt au fond.

A ferryman of ideas

When you're interested in agro-ecology and the carbon, nitrogen and water cycle, you're dealing with an extremely complex subject.

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