43% VOL.

A rye eau-de-vie as an ode to a grain that is emblematic of our 'high country', but also of the world of spirits. A concentration of flavours and a depth of texture that will delight the taste buds of spirits lovers. A racy character to elevate any mixologists' creations. It is also a tribute to Doctor Pierre Vulson de la Colombière, who in 1638 praised the waters gushing from the volcano shaped mountain which now bears his name. It was on this land that the Hautes Glaces farm was established, and it is these springs that now feed the distillery to create VULSON.

Tasting notes
Preparation notes
Tasting notes
Fruity Smoking Tasty Earthy

Tasting recommandation

Drink it on its own or as a cocktail, depending on your mood and creativity: a small glass in front of an open fire, a reinterpretation of the highball or the Manhattan... It's up to you to see (and to drink!).

A recipe idea from Dimitri Baup for practitioners: "La Vulsonade".

-5 drops of Antesite Lime Grapefruit

- 5cl of Vulson

- 11cl Socrate ginger beer

Serve over ice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary.




Pétrichor: the smell of earth after rain. Vulson's nose has a fresh volatility, a juicy fruitiness and an earthy smoke that anchors us to our soil!


The texture on the palate is soft and oily at the same time. Like a pendulum it sways between fruity touches, root juices and beautiful bitterness. Then a swirl around rye, its umami, and its baker's sapidity, ripe plum, notes of gentian, agave and liquorice that blend into a harmonious whole: the taste of our intention.


A wave of malt and surging spices. The palate flirts with pepper and the ever-present reminder of vegetal and smoky notes (braised hay, lapsang souchong tea). A score full of character. Taste a few drops of Vulson one evening and you'll tell yourself that you'll have time to get bored later on.

Preparation notes


100% Rye (malted). A local variety known as "Caroasse".


Domestic recipe.


3-water mashing according to the principles of the tea ceremony.


Prolonged fermentation (140h), inoculated with natural sourdough.


Wood-fired triple distillation in 25 hectolitre pot still.


Rested in a neutral container (stainless steel & amphora).


Gradually topped up with water over the years to reach a final degree of balance of 43°.

If Vulson has this distinctive depth, this power to thicken the world, it is because it is the result of constant attention and singular techniques.

First and foremost, we use an old variety of rye that is highly reputed in our mountain regions for its baking and aromatic qualities. A cultivar that is passed from farm to farm and produces the great bread of the mountain farmers. To get the very best out of it, we have developed mashing, fermentation and distillation techniques adapted to this variety: time, temperature and cutting points are adjusted at each stage.

But it's also time that does its work. Vulson is a cellared eau de vie. It is the result of a blend of eaux-de-vie, some of which were distilled 8 years ago and now rest alongside our whisky casks. This is not 'ageing' - a term reserved for maturing in wood - but 'resting', because we use neutral containers (stainless steel vats, amphora) that are inert: the eaux-de-vie breathe and evolve with the seasons. It's a well-deserved "rest" that's necessary for the balance of flavours to blossom.

During the blending, Vulson is gradually reduced to 43% vol., its degree of balance and optimal flavour.

Volume of serve
(ML of final product)
Per 10 g alcohol
(28,4 ml serving)
Per 25 ml
Alcohol (g) 9.63 8.36
Calories (Kcal) 25.19 59.07
Fat (g) 0 0
Saturated fat (g) 0 0
Carbohydrates (g) 0 0
(of which sugar) 0 0
Proteins (g) 0 0


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