Soils are not simple supports for production, housing or mobility, they are the very place of life, this place where the mineral becomes organic, where the food chains of living things are formed, thanks to bacteria, fungi microscopic, earthworms, plants…

At Domaine des Hautes Glaces, we consider our soils to be the source and beginning of everything we are. Terroir is not an empty word when we take care of the land, respect its nature and its rhythms and thus form the first characters of our whiskey.

Thanks to Frédéric DENHEZ, Éric WASTIAUX and Nicolas MILLET for this documentary and highlighting the work we have been carrying out at Hautes Glaces since its foundation.

“SOLS a new horizon” a documentary by Frédéric DENHEZ, Éric WASTIAUX and Nicolas MILLET, co-produced by EKLA Production and ERIANNE with the support of France 3 AUVERGNE RHÔNE-ALPES and USHUAÏA TV.